Rooster on the Run


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Rooster Tales Individual Books

Rooster on the Run

Level 4

Guided Reading Level: C

by Sheilah Currie and Jill Bever

Illustrated by Tim Murray

Fiction – 16 pages


Rooster takes some of the farmer’s produce and makes a

mad dash to escape, but you’ll never guess where he is


Printed Books – English
Title Version ISBN Price
Rooster on the Run single book 978-1-928111-03-0 5.99

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Rooster on the Run 6-pack  (same title) 978-1-928111-15-3 35.95

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Rooster Tales Series 5-pack  (1 of each title) 978-1-928111-05-4 29.95

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eBooks – English
Title Version ISBN Price
Rooster on the Run ebook 978-1-928111-09-2 2.99 Add to cart
Rooster Tales Series 5-pack  (1 of each title) 978-1-928111-11-5 14.95 Add to cart
Rooster iPad App – Featuring 3 Educational Literacy Games


Designed by Canadian literacy professionals, this app is an ideal way for emerging readers to

practise their literacy skills. Based on the Riverdale Readers Level 3 book, Rooster Shows Off,

the app provides literacy games that are linked to the text—but it can also stand alone as a fun

way for children to hone their skills.

Title Price
iPad App 3.49 Buy Now
Riverdale Readers ebooks coming soon!

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