About Us

Riverdale Readers Inc. is an independent
Canadian publishing company based in
Toronto. It was founded by Sheilah Currie,
a children’s author and literacy consultant.


Sheilah taught reading in public schools
in York Region and Toronto, then
launched ReadUP, a registered charity
that provides free reading clubs for
inner-city children in Toronto.

For many years, Sheilah has worked
with her friend and long-time writing
partner, Jill Bever.

Jill is an award-winning teacher who has worked for the York Region and Waterloo Region District School Boards as both a Reading Recovery and early literacy resource teacher.

Sheilah and Jill have published over 60 levelled books with educational publishers. Their stories are used in Canadian and American classrooms, are translated into Spanish and French, and have been received with great enthusiasm by parents, teachers and, more importantly, by the children who read them.

Here is a sample of some of their titles:

  • 10 Little Chickens
    How Long is a Dog’s Tail?
    The Frog Catchers of Fairfax
    No Trouble At All
    Sly Squirrel’s Tall Tales
    Miss Messier’s Mess
    Funny Face
  • The Big Fish is Coming!
    The Fluffy Ducks
    Captain Foot and the Treasure
    Hubert the Sad Giant
    Queen Isabella’s Feast
    The Busy Ants and the Lazy Ants
    Shoot the Breeze

Sheilah and Jill share the conviction that there are simply not enough readable and appealing books
for first-time readers outside the education realm. Riverdale Readers books are available to teachers,
but are also accessible to parents, literacy organizations, and libraries.

Along with a team of talented and dedicated colleagues, we are working toward a shared goal—to give
all children the chance to become successful readers, right from the start.

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