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Riverdale Readers is comprised of educational, literacy, and artistic professionals.

Sheilah Currie


Sheilah has many siblings and is the runt of the litter. She’s
also a proud aunt to about 20 nieces and nephews—
give or take. She lives in downtown Toronto and divides her
time between writing children’s books, running reading
clubs for children (ReadUP), working as a literacy
consultant, and baking cakes for frequent family fêtes.

Jill Bever


Jill lives in Ayr, Ontario, and is the mother of three
active boys. She teaches literacy for the Waterloo
Region District School Board, writes books with Sheilah,
organizes family events (including an annual
“Festivus”—for you Seinfeld fans), and spends the rest of
her time in hockey arenas.

Tim Murray


Tim is an incredibly versatile artist (Tim Murray Illustration)
who lives in Toronto with his wife and son. When Tim was in
Grade 8, he drew caricatures of all the kids in his class for the
yearbook. Some of the girls wanted to wring his neck, but
luckily for us it didn’t put the kibosh on his artistic career.

Joanne Murphy

Art Director

Joanne is a graphic design whiz who lives in Toronto
with her husband and two young sons. She is heavily
involved in volunteering on at least a trillion diverse
community projects. She hopes to one day learn to say
“no”—but it’s a very big word and difficult to pronounce.

Norma Kennedy

Editorial Consultant

Norma lives in Minden, Ontario, and is an editor
extraordinaire, having worked extensively for large
educational publishers (figuratively—they’re not
overweight or anything). She loves wordplay, and is
renowned in her circle of friends for taking in stray dogs.
She should be canine-ized.

Gary Mansbridge


Gary originally hails from Montreal (so he knows a bit
about hail), but he has lived for many years in Toronto and
is a consummate IT/Design professional as the owner of
R.E.A.L. Partners Limited. Gary also loves to cook Italian
food, which proves the adage that there are two kinds of
people: Italians and those who wish they were.

Carol Martin

Editorial Consultant

Carol is a Scottish lass who has lived in Toronto for a long
time, but still pronounces the word “book” to rhyme with
“kook”. She has worked in the educational publishing
business for many moons. She also adores animals, which is
why she likes Norma. (No offense to Norma. See above.)

David Booth

Editorial Consultant

David is a renowned and respected literacy expert who, in
addition to writing many books, has travelled extensively for
speaking engagements, often to teacher groups. Mention
his name to any Canadian teacher, and he/she will gush,
“Oh, David Booth—I love him!”

Barbara Miller

Administrative Consultant

Barb is office manager of Transatlantic Agency, keeping
all the ducks in a row for the literary agents and their
clients. She is an ardent fan of the writing of Sheilah and
Jill and readily admits that she has a little crush on the
pesky Rooster.

Leanne Friedberg

App Developer

Leanne is a registered teacher, currently on leave as she
cares for her two young children and runs her app company,
Wizkeit Games. Leanne is passionate about giving kids a
successful start in their literacy learning, and also has a
crush on our Rooster. She’ll have to duke it out with Barb.

* We gratefully acknowledge the guidance of Joseph Wilson and the team at MaRS Discovery District, who have supported Riverdale Readers Inc. from its inception.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to the following people for lending their expertise to this project:

Antonine Cormier
Enrique Velez Gaudite
Ihor Maksymiv (Relevant Data Solutions)
Jacqueline Pujolas
Julie Le Maitour
Mark Marino (Relevant Data Solutions)
Mélanie Johnston
Rob Tran
Ross Campbell (Lowe Martin Group)
Teri Studholme

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