Levelled Books

Levelled books are designed to become more challenging with each new level. They allow each child to develop skills at his or her own pace.

In education, books at the earliest reading level generally have a simple line of text with a repeating pattern throughout, and that’s what we’ve done. As children move through the levels, they encounter new vocabulary and other language features that are introduced in a deliberate way. So, as the book levels increase, there is little or no repetition and the text gradually becomes more complex.

When a child’s reading skills are matched to books at the appropriate level, the reader will be successful—and that’s the key. Moving to the next level becomes a clear goal for children and demonstrates that they are making progress in learning to read, which can boost confidence and create a thirst to read more.


The use of levelled books has become standard practice in elementary schools.

At Riverdale Readers, we use a numeric system that fits well with the levels used in education.

  • point1
  • point2
  • point3
  • point4
  • point5
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